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At Primevago Sky is the Limit (SIL), we strive towards Gender equality by aligning our goals with SDG 5. We seek to empower women and girls so as to have a multiplier effect in sustainable development in Africa and beyond. Women unemployment has been one of the biggest challenge for Africa and developed countries alike.

We are the gateway that is set to empower and revolutionize how women and girls get employment. Primevago SIL aims to empower both young girls and women to become self-independent, minimize childhood marriages and help foster families well-being.

Primevago SIL is leveraging technology in solving key global problems, several women than men are facing unemployment or are working poor. By working towards closing this gap we are the top choice for female graduates and women job seekers.

“The day will come when men will recognize woman as his peer, not only at the fireside, but in councils of the nation. Then, and not until then, will there be the perfect comradeship, the ideal union between the sexes that shall result in the highest development of the race.” 

– Susan B. Anthony


Working with the best helps cultivate knowledge and career growth. At Primevago SIL we have the best working environment for individuals seeking personal to career development. We have carefully engineered mentorship throughout your career to ensure greater working experience.

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Why Primevago SIL (Sky is the Limit)?

At Primevago SIL the sky is the Limit, we recognize the importance of creating a stimulating, supportive work environment  that gives women that wow experience. We want to keep you healthy, happy and moving.

MULTIPLE BROWSERS Primevago SIL is accessible from both PCs, Android and IOS smartphones. Our responsive technology makes it possible for thousands of Women to post CVs or apply for jobs online with ease.

PRIVATE MESSAGE CONFIGURATION In the modern age of slack and social media, contact and connection is very essential. Primevago SIL has made it a priority as well, candidates can now chat with their employers on PM speeding the feedback once a candidate applies for a job.

CANDIDATES DATABASE With access to several applicants resume, employers get to choose from the very best of the best candidates on Primevago SIL.

GENDER INCLUSION Primevago SIL is driven by the values of gender equality and gender inclusion at the work place, we champion for women employment for a better Africa.

FUNDING,TRAINING & MENTORING Primevago does not only help you get better jobs but also train you to become better employees and mentor you how to market yourself to get better pay.We offer Leadership, Coding, and lots of other master classes. We also fund Women who are we are willing to grow their career for greener pastures.

BEST JOBS HIGHEST PAY  We have negotiated the best career slots and highest remuneration packages for Women employed via Primevago SIL. Also girls graduating from Campus get to enjoy the benefit of getting permanent jobs as opposed to probational and contractual employment.

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Searching for jobs never been that easy. Now you can find jobs matched your career expectation, apply for jobs and receive feedback right on your mobile. Get Primevago SIL mobile app and start your job search now!customercustomer

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Primevago SKY is the LIMIT (SIL) By Orion helps women dreams come true by connecting them with top employers in Africa and beyond.

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Primevago SKY is the LIMIT (SIL) is A Company of Orion Imagecapital Communication Limited.
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